Benefits Of Medical Marijuana Card


Many states now have medical marijuana programs. This is why more people are interested in learning about the benefits and drawbacks of obtaining a medical marijuana renewal Ohio card.

Because the laws in each state differ, it can be difficult to understand the benefits and drawbacks of having a medical marijuana card. It is choosing whether or not to obtain a medical card can be difficult.

This article will look at the benefits of a medical marijuana card and the drawbacks and reasons not to get one in your state.

The Advantages Of Having A Medical Marijuana Card

Even if you don’t live in a state with a recreational marijuana program, a medical marijuana card can provide numerous advantages. It may differ from one state to the next, but obtaining a medical card provides the same benefits in every state with a medical marijuana program.

You Have Legal Protection

One of the most important reasons to obtain a medical marijuana card is for legal protection. Although marijuana is not legal at the federal level, medical marijuana patients are protected in all states. This is especially true in states without a recreational marijuana program. Marijuana possession can result in harsh penalties such as jail time and fines in these states. One reason we recommend getting a medical marijuana card in your state is for legal protection.

Marijuana Is Less Expensive

If you live in the area with a recreational marijuana program, a medical marijuana card could save you a lot of money. For all marijuana sales, most recreational states levy an additional excise tax and retail tax. This can amount to more than 20% of the total. These excise/retail taxes will not be levied on medical patients, potentially saving them hundreds of dollars per year.

Increased Potency And Lower Limits

When it comes to finding relief, marijuana’s potency can be critical. The amount of THC and other cannabinoids in each strain determine marijuana’s potency. The more potent a marijuana product, the better it is for symptom relief. You will need less marijuana to get the relief you require.

In most states, medical marijuana products are less potent than recreational marijuana products. This is particularly true for edibles. Certain percentages of the most potent cannabis products are reserved for medical patients in some states.

Possession Limits Increased

Medical marijuana patients can buy and possess more cannabis than recreational users. For medical users, this is usually at least one ounce more cannabis. It is a substantial sum. Medical patients may have enough cannabis to last a month, but medical users may not.

Greater Growing Capabilities

The majority of states that allow marijuana cultivation at home have both recreational and medical programs. These states permit medical marijuana patients to grow more marijuana plants than recreational marijuana users.

The Drawbacks Of A Medical Marijuana Card

We’ve already discussed the numerous advantages of having a medical marijuana card. Let us now consider the disadvantages of having a card.

Purchasing A Firearm Is Against The Law

Many people are hesitant to apply for a medical marijuana card in their state because of gun and firearm rights restrictions. After receiving their medical marijuana card, medical marijuana patients are not permitted to purchase firearms. Many people consider this restriction one of the most serious consequences of obtaining a medical card.

It is critical to remember that the firearm restriction does not apply to patients attempting to purchase new firearms. Medical marijuana patients can keep any firearms they own before receiving their card if they follow all firearm laws.