All You Need To Know About Glass Dildos


Glass is more than just a pretty material. They are also very popular because they can perform well and are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. They can be used to penetrate the vaginal or anal sex, and can be done solo or with a partner.

While many women may be hesitant about the idea of piercing themselves with glass-based products, these glass dildos are made from the same type of glass as high-quality kitchen cookware. They can withstand extreme temperatures and are durable, if not shatterproof.

Some dildo users embrace the feeling of hardness that is given to them. This is because glass, which is the most complex material in dildo construction after steel, makes it feel more comfortable.

Different Types

Because of their appearance, glass dildos are different from any other type of dildo. They are more durable than rubber and silicone dildos, and they are extremely rigid. However, the manufacturer claims that glass dildos can be easily molded, which allows them to create all sorts of unusual shapes and sizes for their customers.

This is a sign that glass dildos are increasing in number, you can buy glass dildos online with so many options. They fall into four categories, with variations on each type.

Straight Glass Dildos: These are the most basic and are best for those who want to just have fun without too much experimentation. These are suitable for anal or vaginal play.

Curved Glass Dildos: These slim glass dildos can be curved upwards and are available in many sizes. These dildos can stimulate the G-spot or, if chosen, for prostate stimulation.

Twisted Glass Dildos: These glass dildos can be used in a twisting motion after being inserted. These glass dildos stimulate more than regular glasses, which can lead to intense orgasms for women.

Ribbed Dildos: This type of dildo has glass bumps or bobbles running along the shaft. They come in many sizes and patterns to provide stimulation, where the fun starts. The beaded glass dildo is another variation of this type. It is designed to copy anal beads but is fixed in place. These beads may be of one size, or they can vary in size depending on the length of the glass dildo.

What Are The Benefits?

Although it may seem unbelievable, glass dildos have more benefits than regular dildos. These are just a few of the many unique benefits that you may find:

Cool It Down: Glass dildos may be cooled, but not to the point where they freeze. This can cause icy chills in you and your partner. It takes only 10 minutes to cool in the fridge before you can use it.

Warm Up Your Glass Dildo: Because they are made of the same material as cookware these glass dildos can be heated in warm water for 10 min to get a different temperature.

More Stimulation More Pressure: You can twist and turn your glass dildo to get more sensations through the body instead of the traditional thrusting motion. This can stimulate all the vaginal walls by using a glass dildo with bumps or ribs.

Easy To Clean: Glass dildos do not contain toxic chemicals like latex dildos. They are hypoallergenic, making them one of the safest materials for your body. They are easy to clean and can be used in the shower or the dishwasher. You can also use antibacterial wipes to keep them clean.

All Lubricants Are Compatible: There’s no concern that silicone based lubricants will cause damage to the surface. You can use whatever lubrication you wish. Because of the glass’s sleekness and movement, it will require far less lubrication than conventional dildos.

They Are Durable: The material is not easily scratched by sharp nails or chips.